Saturday, July 2, 2011

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Have you ever found a friend
That makes your heart glow
Someone who is wonderful
You feel honored to know

Someone to laugh with perhaps even to cry
Someone whom you love no matter what they do
Someone who looks up to you when you don't know why
Someone who just seems to understand you

Someone that you think of day and night
Someone you pray for as you go to bed
Someone who shows up when the time is just right
Thoughts of them are always in your head

Someone who shares with you all your ups and downs
Someone who appears when ever there is a need
Someone you share smiles with replacing all your frowns

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Friendship Love Poems Note

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If Wish was a Raindrop...I would send u Showers....
If Happiness was a Second...I would send u Hours...
If Love was Water....I would send u the Sea..

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ASOKAMITRAN – the great writer and Sahithya Academy winner

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Academy winner, Asokamitran.He is one of the best known contemporary Tamil

Asokamitran began his literary career with the prize wining play Anbin
Parisu, which was followed by many short stories, a collection of novellas,
Viduthalai and eight novels including Karainda Nizhalgal,Padinettaavadu
Atchakodu and Vizhaa Maalai Podil.

Asokamitran has been the recipient of many literary awards, including the
Sahitya Akademi Award in 1996 for his collection of short stories ‘Appavin

He was awarded Creative Writing American fellowship by the University of

J. Thyagarajan, as he was known in his school days, was born in
Secunderabad, AndhraPradesh in 1931. He says the liberal atmosphere of the
Mehboob College campus, where he finished his early education influenced his
writings. He used to participate in debates, oratorical, essay and
recitation competitions, especially those related to Shakespeare’s works,
while a student.

Later, he joined the Nizam College, Hyderabad to pursue a graduation in
Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Being a voracious reader, he spent a lot of
time in the library.

His father who was then employed with the railways passed away, and the
family shifted to Chennai.

Those were hard times for the family and Asokamitran joined the Gemini

Asokamitran’s first short story ‘Hour of the return’ was published in Deccan
Herald in 1955. His first Tamil story ‘Nadagathin Mudivu’ was published in
the monthly magazine Kalaimagal in 1957.

By 1966, he became a full time writer and his articles were published in the
Illustrated weekly and Times of India. He writes both, in English as well as

His writings are based on his own experiences of contemporary events, he
said. ‘18th Atchakodu’ a Tamil work based the aftermath of freedom from the
Nizam’s rule in Hyderabad and was translated into many regional languages
like Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi. The work also fetched him the Ramakrishna
Dalmia Harmony Award.

Asokamitran toured Srilanka, Singapore and European countries to address
various literary meetings.

Some of his stories are included in the NCERT syllabus and also in Tamil
text books. Although he still writes, he no longer attends meetings and

Asokamitran says, ‘I feel sad when I see that nowadays students are over
burdened and they get very little chance to widen their knowledge. I would
like to advice the students to read more as reading leads to reflection
which in turn leads to clarity’, says the great writer.

Ashokamitran resides at No.1A, 9th Cross Avenue, Dhandeeswaram nagar,
Velachery. Phone No. 2243 2703.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

SMS சிந்தனைகள

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

வாழ்கையில் மூன்று

வாழ்கையில் மூன்று

1. மதிப்பளிக்க வேண்டிய மூன்று------- முதுமை,
மதம், சட்டம்

2. விரும்ப வேண்டிய மூன்று---------------
தூய்மை, நேர்மை, கடின உழைப்பு

3 பாராட்ட் வேண்டிய மூன்று------- அழகு,
அறிவு, குணம்

4, வளர்த்துக்கொள்ள் வேண்டிய மூன்று------- அஞ்சாமை,

5. காப்பற்ற வேண்டிய மூன்று-------
செல்வாக்கு, நட்பு, பற்ற்

6. விலக்க வேண்டிய மூன்று-------
புகைபிடித்தல், மது அருந்துதல், சூதாடல்

7. கட்டுப்படுத்த வேண்டிய மூன்று------- நாக்கு,
உணர்ச்சி, இச்சை

8. கவனிக்க வேண்டிய மூன்று------- பேச்சு,
ந்டத்தை, செயல்

9. ஒழிக்க வேண்டிய மூன்று-------
சோம்பல், பொய், புறங்க்கூறல்
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